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Crow (vocals)

Crow birthday: 29.03. .....
former bands: sundean (D) crow's flight (Fi), some projects in D and CH
favourite colour: dark colours
favourite drink: whisky-cola, red wine
favourite movie: crazy horse, braveheart
best medusa`s child song: a lot..
special interest: martial art, harley davidson
favourit musicans/bands: r. halford, r. blackmore, d. coverdale, steve lee and everything what`s good

Alain (bass)

birthday: 31.05.1991
former bands: -
favourite colour: graphite gray
favourite drink: spez. beer, white russian, pernod
favourite movie: prisoners, the expendables 1-3
best medusa`s child song: beethoven's kiss, turn back the time, empty sky
special interest: motorcycle, sport, music
favourit musicans/bands: black stone cherry, alter bridge, lamb of god, rammstein, monster truck

Tony (guitar)

Tony birthday: 13.09.1987
former bands: fuel, lager Hell
favourite colour: black
favourite drink: beer, red wine, rum
favourite movie: the rock
best medusa`s child song: slave of memory
special interest: metal, sport, cars, motorcycle
favourit musicans/bands: metallica, megadeth, judas priest, steel panther, symphony X,....
james hetfield, dave mustaine, michael romeo

Basil (guitar)

birthday: 18.10.1993
former bands: unleashed ferocity, arny's army
favourite colour: black
favourite drink: beer, gin tonic
favourite movie: gangs of new york
best medusa`s child song: turn back the time, empty sky
special interest: musik, motorcycle
favourite musicans/bands: lamb of god, seether, fleshgod apocalypse

Adrian (drums)

Adrian birthday: 07.05.1987
former bands: fuel, cemeterriel, constraint
favourite colour: black
favourite drink: beer, white russian
favourite movie: lock, stock and two smoking barrels
bestmedusa`s child song: turn back the time
special interest: sport, music, motorcycle
favourit musicans/bands: turisas, stratovarius, masterplan, steel panther, symphony X, exodus, soulfly,....
jason rullo, kai hahto, nicko mcbrain