Heavy Metal Nation VIII

Heavy Metal Nation VIII 1. GONOREAS  Kiss The Sword
2. SUBORNED  Hazardous Substance
3. EMERALD  Witches Tower
4. ATLAS&AXIS  March Of The Night
5. HEAVY DEMONS  Welcome To My Resurrection
6. ENDORAS  Dance Of Giants
7. IN YOUR FACE * Fireraiser
8. 2BLACK  Journey Into This
9. CHARING CROSS  Handful Of Pain
10. HOTROAD  The Fear Of The Unknown
11. DRIVING FORCE  Suck Me Out
12. DISTANT PAST  Signs Of The End
13. SUN’N’STEEL  Get Out
14. INVISIBLE MIRROR  Embrace The Night
15. TOTAL ANNIHILATION  Social Distortion
16. MEDUSA’S CHILD  Wounded Knee
17. DAWNLESS  The Planet’s Dream